The Global Women’s Basketball Association (GWBA) is a professional basketball league in North America established in 2016. The GWBA provides an opportunity for athletes to pursue a professional career beyond their collegiate and amateur success.
In addition, the league creates and prepares players, coaches, officials and front- office staff for future professional development and career opportunities.
Under new leadership and team expansion, the GWBA will offer professional women’s basketball in strategic markets to build and or grow sports fans in select cities. The league features teams from across the country, three of which have won National Championships in their former respected leagues.
Due to the growth of the GWBA there will be more opportunities for women’s basketball players to play professionally in the United States; also, it will provide a league that young women can aspire to play in as they get older.
By alignments, strategic relationships with professional leagues and staying involved at the grassroots level to promote the league as truly a development league the GWBA will increase its contribution to the development of University and College basketball talent.